What is PackPlanner?

Imagine that you wanna go on a hike. The first thing you consider is "What the hell should I take with me?", right?
Forget all of this thoughts.
If you gather all your gear in your PackPlanner account you've always a general view on what is in your gear stock.
You can smoothly browse through the items and add items you wanna take with you on a gearlist.
There will also be a real-time diagram showing you which category of gear is taking how much weight in your backpack.
And it gets even better: It's up to you entering the weight of a new gear. But if you don't want to do so, the average of all currently given weights for this specific gear will be used.
Pretty cool, isn't it?

When is it production-ready?

PackPlanner is a project I'm coding in my sparetime.
So it will unfortunately last an unknown amount of time till it will go online.
You can follow me on Twitter in order to stay informed about the amazing features of PackPlanner.

Participate with PackPlanner.

Cool! I'm still searching for a developer with HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge who wants to help me out building the smart frontend.
But keep in mind that PackPlanner is a non-profit project, which means that I cannot pay a lot of money, but you will get a part of the donations.
You will also be a haunting part of the hiking community. :)
So if you're interested in helping me, I'm looking forward to hear from you. Just drop a line.